Common Mexican Spices

October 22nd, 2014

mexican-spicesMexican foods and Mexican-inspired dishes are very popular in the United States. The Europeans imported many of the spices used in Mexican food to America, so the spices are not native to Mexico. However, these same spices and herbs give the Mexican food its distinctive flavor.


Cilantro is the leaf of the coriander plant. It tastes like a mix of parsley and citrus and gives a strong flavor to the food. There are Sanskrit writings from 1500 BC that mention the cilantro, making it one of the first herbs ever mentioned in historical records. The Romans spread the cilantro throughout Europe, and it was one of the first herbs imported to American at the time of the Spanish conquest. It is a primary herb used in the Mexican cuisine and can be found in guacamole, salsa, meat, fish and other foods.


Cumin is the seed of a small herb named Cuminum cyminum, that is native to Egypt and the Mediterranean Sea. The cumin seed is elliptical with deep furrows. The Europeans first imported cumin to America during the exploration and colonization period. Used in Mexican dishes, such as chili con carne and hot tamales, cumin provides a spicy, powerful and slightly bitter taste.


There are two types of oregano: Mexican and Mediterranean. The Mexican oregano is the stronger of the two. It has a strong smell and taste and is found in meat and cheese dishes. It is also one of the ingredients for chili powder – a popular spice mix.

Red pepper

Red pepper is another name for ground chili pepper. Fresh peppers are usually not longer than 4 inches (10 cm) and are red or orange-red. The ground chili pepper varies from orange-red to red and dark red. The red pepper is native to Central and South America, Mexico and the Caribbean. The Spanish first imported them from America to Europe. Before the Spanish conquest, Native Americans used chili peppers medicinally, to treat stomach aches and other diseases. Chili powder, a common spice mix, is a combination of red pepper, garlic, oregano and cumin. Red pepper gives Mexican food its characteristic flavor.

Find The Right Massage Spa Packages Toronto

October 19th, 2014

spa-7If you are looking for a genuine gift that a woman will always appreciate like jewelry is a spa package. Such a package does not make the woman feel special and pampered but she also is able to get relief from the stress and the tensions of everyday life. In fact, spa packages can be an excellent prelude to a proposal or a dinner. If you are looking for the ultimate gift before pampering your woman, you can go in for a spa package. In Toronto, you will find that there are several spa packages for you to opt for, but indisputably one of the most modern ones is Their packages help you in a large manner to get rid of stress and this is why they are extremely popular and high in demand today.

Find the right massage spa packages in Toronto

You will find that UptownSpa packages services tend to target the stress of an individual in two areas- mainly the body and the mind.

The first is the body. Individuals work very hard and it is very natural for them to feel the tensions and the stress in their bodies. The stress should be eradicated if you wish for a person to be completely relaxed. This can be done via different methods like body massage. Every spa package will come with a body massage. There are different kinds of body massages and some of the popular ones are the Swedish body massage, the Shiatsu, acupressure and more. The main purpose of the massage is to aid the person to relax by making the muscles loose. This also helps the person get relief from different types of aches and pains in the body. When you have a good body massage, you will find that there is also a calming effect on the mind and this allows the individual to have clear thoughts. You also feel happy and positive most of the time. When you take a good body massage, you will find that specific pressure points of the individual are targeted. This brings out the general well being of the individual and some people often say that the right kind of massage can actually enhance the health of a person as well.

There are also many kinds of massage that helps to maintain the muscle tone of an individual. There are some experts that claim that a good massage also helps the individual maintain a good body shape. Many top celebrities and athletes often go in for regular massages in order to maintain and keep their figure and physique in proper shape.

Massages are thus very important for an individual especially a woman for the relief of stress and tension. If you are looking for the right massage spa treatment in Toronto, you will find that there are many services for you to opt for. When you are choosing the service, you must ensure that you check the repute and the credentials of the provider so that you are able to get the best for your needs with success!